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In this modern era of technology, we not only recognize the value of technology in our daily lives, but we also recognize the need to keep up with the most cutting-edge technology available. When it comes to the private use of mobile phones or computers, remaining up to date with technology is a choice, but it's not the same when it comes to professional usage of technology. To stay competitive in their marketplaces, businesses must keep up with the latest innovations. While buying may seem like a one-stop solution, it causes issues in terms of rising spending, getting rid of existing items, and properly disposing of them. IT equipment rentals are a smart way to quickly put cutting-edge technology into the hands of your employees, whether your company is expanding its workforce or want to successfully transition to remote work. Many organizations prefer to rent the IT hardware rather than buy the equipment, either to satisfy short-term demands or to try out different hardware alternatives before committing to a purchase.




The rental service of Notebook12 is the safe, fast and cost-effective solution to equip your workforce with IT hardware. We work closely with our customers to customize your laptop rental plan to fit your specific business requirements.We reduce business costs while boosting the productivity of your employees.



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The minimum rental period is 1 year.

Our rental prices start at 7€ per unit.