We directly handle the
purchase and sales of devices

We handle the purchase and sales of all devices. Your needs and demands are important to us. Notebook12 has made the purchase and sales process easy to navigate and our staff of professinals are with you every step of the way.

Purchase / Sale

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As one of the leading IT remarketing companies in Europe, we provide first class technology remaketing services that enable companies with reduntant IT equipment to sell the used IT Assets for the highest possible return on their investment. To ensure that your IT is exploited to the maximum of residual utility, has Notebook12 developed an individual concept for buying and recycling. Share with us what is important to you and we will bear the responsibility for the project. Starting with the planning of logistics and transport to the final re-sale, we will give you a complete insight into every audit-proof step. We would also like to consult you with charitable use of your used devices, as well as the related income as a deductible donation.

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    In order to reach the best possible financial returns for our clients, Notebook 12 consistently calculates with a minimum order amount of 100 units. The sale is directed towards merchants and trade partners without exception.

    Our currently available products are:

    • Notebooks
    • Monitors
    • Multi-functional devices
    • Tablets
    • Printers
    • POS systems
    • Desktop PCs
    • Copy machines
    • Components
    • Servers
    • Scanners
    • Notebook accessories