We accept all manner of hardware devices, restore these devices internally and externally, that we then later sell. Doing so, we abide by laws and regulations to ensure previous data and records are permanently destroyed to preserve previous owner’s data is not passed on.


All-Around Service For Used Hardware

We pick up your used hardware and take on the responsibility of conforming to existing laws, as well as offer an environmentally friendly product utilization.
Through a refurbishing of the end-of-life-cycle products via the use of professional processes, an attempt to prolong the usability of the used hardware is made. This is achieved through optical, mechanical and technical examination of potential flaws. Subsequently appropriate actions to eliminate these flaws are taken. This enables the creation of a second-life cycle for used products that were initially intended to be brought to their end-disposal site. This service is referred to as IT-Remarketing.
In the best-case scenario, the need for disposal is eliminated after the initial evaluation of the device.
This is most likely the case with many of the products brought for remarketing that had a first lifecycle of two to three years.

Added value with used devices

IT is the backbone of modern businesses. Many of the devices that the IT-supervisor replaces on average every three years are of high quality, well taken care of, and at the time of their replacement not at all at the end of their ability to function.
The disposal of such devices – no matter if those are PCs, servers, monitors, laptops, tablets, smart phones or peripheral equipment – confront the IT-responsible manager with logistical, administrative and, more and more frequently, economical challenges. This relates to the fact that selling the used hardware is supposed to add to the refinancing of new devices.
Meanwhile, dealing with those used devices is anything but trivial. Businesses have to follow the laws regarding data security, the protection of personal data and follow the rules of environmental disposal, not to mention the subjects of guarantee-obligations and the provider liability in regards to resale. Notebook 12 takes those responsibilities and worries off your hands and offers you multiple options for the reuse of your used IT-hardware.

ISO 9001 Certified IT Remarketing

With processes, which are continuously certified and completely transparent, Notebook12 takes care of the proper continued marketing of your used devices – as a partner, who takes over all the legal and administrative responsibilities for you.

Included as well

Even though this is costly, our experience shows that after the deduction of all (explicitly itemized) costs, a quick recovery via a large financial return is uncovered. This relates to the fact that the remarketing of your used devices is handled via a well-structured IT marketing merchant network with short sales cycles.