Processing for the renewed utilization

With a careful and thorough data-removal, and the elimination of small defects, your used hardware is re-suited for the market. The term refurbishing stands for the quality-secured overhaul and restoration of used devices that have already completed their first life cycle for the purpose of a subsequent reuse and re-marketing. Any of the discovered flaws found via the auditing as well as the safety and functional testing, are corrected via proper, qualified repair. In rare cases, in which the repair is proven to be uneconomical or impossible, we direct the used hardware to be disassembled. In line with our environmental orientation all still functioning components of the device are removed. Those are later used in the process of repairing similar products.

From an environmental point of view IT-Refurbishing is a core responsibility for every environmentally conscious business. Many laws on the national and international level instruct the use of disregarded electrical equipment and used hardware via remarketing. Nevertheless, what exactly does IT-Refurbishing mean?
IT-Refurbishing stands for the qualified overhaul and repair of used IT devices which have already completed their first life cycle. This process ensures reusability and remarketing. Through the overhaul of the end-of-life-cycle product the attempt is made to extend, within the framework of a professional IT-Refurbishing-processes, the lifespan of these used devices. This is made possible via an optical, a mechanical and a technical testing for defects and an appropriate removal of these defects. This process creates a second-life-cycle for the disregarded equipment, which originally were going to be disposed of or recycled. Recycling retrieves the devices’ material as raw materials to create an entirely new product. Refurbishing the used IT equipment, on the other hand, covers an overhauling to bring the product back to a useable state. IT-Refurbishing hence contributes to a prevention of new waste and therefore fundamentally supports a protection of the natural resources of our earth.