Our Strategy

Customer focused processes and services

In most cases we market the products to commercial resellers and other partner companies. With this we grant our merchant partners a so-called transfer guarantee. Our guarantee states, that those devices that went through our refurbishing process are of the by us determined quality level. This excludes all other warrantees so that we can promise our delivery partners contractually, that after the remarketing of the originally used IT equipment no item will flow back.
We remarket solely in quantities customary for wholesale. Our preferred marketing method is parcel-marketing. This means we combine in large quantities different devices with different quality levels as one parcel. For each parcel we do either on our own or in corporation with our partners develop a parcel price. Through this procedure the time for remarketing is shortened. The prepared devices are not losing value through our marketing strategy as the distribution to the end consumer is not drawn-out, which eliminates a time delay. Through the shortening of the marketing time frame, the billing regarding our partners can be shortened.
We use factoring. As part of the factoring process a comprehensive liquidity examination of our merchant partners takes place. Factoring means that all our claims (accounts receivable), which are created through the remarketing of the used IT equipment, are moved to a factoring business. Through the sales of our open claims we can guarantee our partners that debt losses are not possible. With this liquidity created through factoring we are able to complete transactions over a short period of time.