Data erasure

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Data security is one of the biggest issues for many businesses when disposing of their redundant IT equipment. Here at Notebook12, we understand the value of secure data erasure and thus provide a secure data erasure service to ensure that your sensitive data is handled and erased safely.

By utilizing one of the most secure data erasure solutions, we ensure that your IT Assets will be safely remarketed and recycled without any risk of retaining customer residual data, protecting against fraud and loss of sensitive company information.

Our service technicians look after DoD 5220.22m data from:

We provide you with reports containing detailed information on all found data and their deletion status. All IT equipment is destroyed and its information wiped according to the basic data protection regulation DIN66399

You are more than welcome to personally witness the process of erasing your personal data at our Notebook12 location or via VPN live stream. The audit-proof documentation of the achieving procedure will be sent to you by the project manager in any case.

Data Carrier Disposal

Disk destruction on-site or at our location according to DIN66399.