Transparent and accurate
audit process

We ensure you that high standards of accuracy are met, proper audit processes are in place, and our team is in compliance with the procedures. Our transparent approach raises the accountability of each party involved in the audit process, and results in a more accurate audit.

Transparent all the way

For a law-abiding and environmentally friendly business, the concern about their used IT devices does not end with the transportation of property. Out of data security reasons and
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you require to be informed if former client information, as well as other sensitive information, might still be found in your data components.

In order to ensure compliance with the law, you will need convincing evidence that the whole data was correctly erased before the hardware is passed to new users. Old devices do not
fall into the hands of recyclers who transform entire Third World regions into toxic waste disposal sites.

At Notebook12, we record every serial number of each device and provide a unique ID-code and tracking tags. In this way, the current status of the device is always available and can be
traced over the archived documentation even years later.

We provide insights into our bookkeeping to check your orders at any time. Transparency at Notebook12 stands for an open-book policy. The cost/pricing calculations, as well as types of
hardware, their costs, targeted customer range, are also easily accessible.

With Notebook12 by your side, you can rest assured that the established laws regarding data-security for your business are followed. Used hardware is always handled with great care
and prepared for future exploitation. You can always keep sight of the cost/price/usability balance with Notebook12.